All companies need a digital strategy.

I’m not saying this because I want you to hire me (even though you should definitely contact me to discuss how I can help connect your strategies). I’m saying this because it’s true. Gone are the days where having a web presence and a social media presence for your business are considered “nice to haves” but not necessary. Now it’s a necessity and that way of thinking has become commonplace.

It’s important that you have a cohesive strategy designed to connect your web and social presences to your company’s marketing objectives. This is where a digital strategist becomes a necessity.

I can help with that.

I can join your organization for three, six or nine months, study the current state of your digital properties and craft a strategy designed to support your unique needs. Once the strategy has been created, I can do one of two things:

1. I can implement the strategy, providing regular updates as it relates to metrics, insights and sentiments.
2. I can train your existing team to implement, measure and expand on the strategy.

So let’s talk.

Here are next steps:

  1. We have a chat about your organization and your organizational needs.
  2. I will conduct a free digital review of your business and craft a digital proposal.
  3. You will review the proposal and included budget and approve it.
  4. I will do a full digital audit of your business and give you an idea of your organization’s digital health and what you can expect from the strategy and tactics that I craft/implement.
  5. I will create benchmarks to be used for measurement as the digital strategy and tactics are being implemented.
  6. The fun will begin!

I know you may be wondering how much all of this will cost. I create strategies based on your specific organizational needs so they are tailor-made just for your business. It’s tough to say how much your unique campaign will cost. But I can say that the digital audit costs $7000 and your average cost per month will be between $5500-$7000.


Think that sounds expensive?


According to, the average cost of a Senior Digital Strategist is $110,000 per year. That’s over $9000 a month. The level of service that I provide is on par with a Senior Digital Strategist or Director of Marketing, which averages $124,000 a year.