Erbon Powers “Tom” Sawyer (Diane Sawyer’s father) told her, “Do what you love. Do it in the most adventurous place. Make sure it helps other people.”

That quote has since become my source of inspiration and guidance.

This is my journey. This is the path that I’ve chosen.

I am a Digital Strategist by trade, storyteller and technology enthusiast by design.  My path to the field of digital strategy started when I landed at Florida A&M University to pursue my interest in the creative side of business. I found herself in the world of journalism and public relations. Upon graduation, I was able to transfer my public relations, project management and event planning skills over to the world of television and film production where I worked for over 10 years. I have worked on television projects for BET, Fox, Peachtree TV, Starz in Black and NBC as well as several feature film projects.

While following my passion of video production and content creation, I continued to explore my love of writing and technology. Since 2003, I have provided freelance commercial writing services, launched and maintained a style blog and co-wrote two scripted projects. All of this happened while I was learning about the world of internet marketing and how to share my passions online. In that time I’ve worked on multi-city concert tours, ghostwritten over 100 eBooks, launched and maintained a web-based television station and provided social media and digital strategy support to several different organizations. Below are links to my online portfolio and my LinkedIn profile:

A digital native, I enjoy tech talk about the latest smart phone, the coolest app and other tech devices. This is my personal website. As a working creative, my personal life and my professional life go hand in hand. I can separate the two when necessary, but they both represent different elements of who I am. My website will be a reflection of both my personal and professional beliefs.

I am a citizen of the world, and this website is my digital home, springboard and creative space.