She pulled the blade from the dead body lying on the floor. She wiped it slowly across her thigh and stuck it in the sheath on her boot.

“Two down. Three more to go,” she said under her breath.

She hated having to kill these beings who insisted on masquerading as humans but since they wouldn’t stop their practices and lifestyle, she had no choice. She leaned down and pressed her fingers against the cold flesh of the neck of the thing lying at her feet. She knew it was dead but she wanted additional confirmation before she left the house for good. She had absolutely no desire to come back and deal with them again.

“Good. I like a nice efficient kill,” she said under her breath.

As she kneeled by the body, she heard a noise upstairs.

She stood up slowly and crept toward the bottom of the stairs. She noticed that they were carpeted so she walked slowly upstairs. She moved slowly down the hall with her hand poised to pull the knife from its sheath. As she approached a room, she stopped and listened intently. She heard a soft rustle in the room and knew that the thing was hiding inside. She moved quickly into the room just in time to see a foot disappear under the bed. She pushed the bed to the side to see the thing cowering underneath. She pulled the knife from the sheath and drove it into the things chest.  It was smaller than the others so it died much more quickly blood spilling out into bedroom floor. She smiled to herself.

“Three down. Two more to go,” she said.

She walked out of the room and walked confidently down the stairs to the front door. Before she opened it, she picked up the canister that she’d left by the door before the fighting began. She shook its contents all over the living room paying close attention to the couch.

“Damn polyblend will go up in flames quite nicely,” she said with a smirk.

After the canister was empty, she pulled out a box of matches and struck a match. She dropped it into the canister and waited until it began to slowly smolder.  After a few seconds, the canister hadn’t begun to emit any flames so she dropped another lit match inside. Once the flames began to lick the outside of the canister, she placed it near the curtains and turned back to the couch.

She opened the box again and pulled out three matches. She struck them simultaneously and tossed them on the wet couch. Two of them caught immediately and the couch began to burn. She backed slowly towards the door watching the living room begin to slowly go up in flames and the room began to fill with smoke. She reached for the doorknob but paused as she got an idea.

“I think an explosion may be even more effective,” she said as she walked quickly towards the kitchen.

Luckily the kitchen was on the side of the house and had a door that led to the outside as well. She was pleased to see that there was an old fashioned gas stove.

“Good. This thing will go up quite disastrously,” she said as she turned on the gas on all four isles.

She walked quickly to the side door and exited the house just as the gas began to fill the kitchen. The smell of it followed her outside and she began to cough as she walked briskly towards her car. She’d parked about a mile away in an old strip mall. She pulled off her rubber gloves and put them in her pocket. She would melt them in acid when she got home. She took off her black hooded sweater and tied it around her waist revealing a dark bun of hair pulled neatly away from her face and beautiful skin.

She was a lovely woman with bright eyes that did a great job of hiding the dark thoughts that often permeated her mind. She only had a few friends but the ones she did shared a common bond. They all hated them. She smiled to herself knowing that they would be pleased to hear about her latest victory.

She walked into the strip mall parking lot and towards her sport coupe. She pulled out her key and clicked the lock the open the door. She untied her sweater from her waist and opened the door. She got in, pulled her cell phone from the arm rest and typed a short text.

“Do you have lunch plans? I have news,” she typed.

She turned on the car, shifted it into reverse and backed out of the lot. She’d worked up a hunger and really wanted a burrito. Her phone made a dinging noise as she pulled into traffic. She picked up her phone and checked the incoming text.

“I don’t have any plans. Want to get a burrito?” it read.

She smiled broadly. He knew her so well. She pulled up to a red light.

“Of course I do. Let’s meet at our favorite spot,” she typed.

She looked at the time on her phone and saw that it was only 10:30am so she added to the text.

“Meet you there at 11:30,” she typed and pressed send.

She had enough time to head home, dissolve her gloves and take a shower. Even though she’d protected herself against getting blood on herself as much as possible, she always preferred to shower after an eradication.

She turned on her radio and turned up the volume. She wanted to immerse herself in some music.

Shortly she was pulling into the parking lot of her apartment complex.  She pulled in front of her building and headed upstairs to her apartment. She walked inside and breathed deeply. Before she’d left, she had lit some lavender incense and the scent of it filled her apartment. She locked the door and headed towards her bedroom. Once inside, she began to peel off her clothes. She let them fall in a pile on the floor and walked into her bathroom while pulling her hair from the neat ponytail.

“I’m going to have to vacuum before I leave,” she said to herself.

She took a shower, making sure to thoroughly wash her hair to ensure that no debris was left in it. She got dressed and put on some mascara and lip gloss. She let her wet hair hang loose so the ringlets framed her face making her look even younger.

She picked up her cell phone and checked the time. It was 10:50. She was making good time. She headed down to her car, hopped in and turned up the radio.

She pulled into the parking lot of her favorite Mexican restaurant and got out of the car. She scanned the parking lot and saw that his car wasn’t there yet. She went inside to grab a table.

“Just got here. Want margaritas?” she typed on her phone.

She pulled out the menu to scan the burrito selections. She was really hungry but wasn’t sure which one she wanted. Her phone dinged so she picked it up.

“Oh yes! Get a Texas pitcher. I’m 5 mins away,” it read.

The waitress came over and she ordered two glasses of water and a pitcher of Texas Margaritas.

“I’ll wait until my friend gets here before I order my food,” she said.

The waitress nodded and walked away. She sat back and reflected on the day’s events. She was glad the tip that led her to that house was a good one even though everyone had warned her it wasn’t safe to check out. She couldn’t wait to tell him that it was a good lead that had panned out nicely. The waitress brought the waters and the pitcher with two glasses. She poured herself a glass and sipped her drink keeping her eyes on the door.

She slurped the bottom of her glass and realized that she’d finished her drink and he still wasn’t there. She blinked rapidly wondering where the time went. The margarita pitcher was almost empty. She looked around the restaurant and noticed that there weren’t many people inside. The waitress was standing near the door talking to another patron but they were looking in her direction. She realized that it was slightly dark outside. She picked up her phone and saw several missed calls and texts. She began to look at the texts.

“I’m here but this place looks like it’s closed. Are you sure it’s open?”

“I’m heading to your house. Not sure why you’re not responding to my texts or answering your phone.”

“Your place is on fire! Where are you?”

She was confused and stood up quickly. The waitress came over.

“Is everything alright,” asked the waitress.

“No it isn’t,” she said. “Did you put something in my drink?”

“I’m not sure what you mean. You’ve been sitting here the whole time. I figured you were upset because your friend stood you up,” said the waitress.

“I feel like I blacked out or something. What time is it?” she said frantically.

She picked up her cell phone and saw that it was 6:30. Somehow she’d lost the entire day.

“I have to go find him and let him know I’m alright,” she said getting up and walking towards the door.

“I’m afraid we can’t let you leave,” said the patron who’d been talking to the waitress earlier.

“Who are you?” she asked. “What do you want?”

“You and your friends keep killing us and we can no longer hope that the bad karma will be your retribution,” he said. “We decided to deliver some retribution ourselves.”

As he was speaking, she slowly realized that she’d been surrounded by them. Her eyes darkened with hate.

“We’re only doing our part to keep this world safe from you creatures,” she spat at the group with venom.

“Creatures, huh?” said the man. “We’re human just like you and we don’t deserve to be slaughtered because of your irrational hate.”

“You’re not humans. You’re only pretending to be human. You are-“

Her words were cut short by the blade slicing across her throat and severing her vocal chords. She leaned against the wall and slowly slid down choking on her blood. She gave them a hateful glare until the light went out in her eyes.

The wielder of the blade wiped it across her dress.

“It’s a shame such a beautiful girl had such an ugly, hateful heart,” said Kristie. “I’d hope you guys were wrong when you said she was the one that killed my sister, her roommate and her boyfriend.”

“Nope,” said Nate. “I’m surprised she didn’t figure out that we were keeping tabs on her all this time. I hate that she was able to kill our brethren before we could stop her.”

“Well she won’t be killing anyone else and neither will her friends,” said Kristie. “Four down and two more to go.”