Starr felt her face get hot as she put on her shoes. Although this was her first year on the school team, she’d been playing softball at church for years. Sometimes it seemed as if no one was willing to give her a chance, but she was determined to prove she could be a valuable member of the team. As she got up and walked out to the field, the flush in her face seemed to spread and reach all over her body. They went through their warm-up drills, and Starr felt oddly strong, nimble and warm.  She began to move seamlessly through the exercises and wasn’t half as winded as usual. She was so caught up in her new strength and speed that she didn’t realize how well she was doing. The rest of the team had stopped and they were all watching her.

“What happened?” she asked as she stopped running.

“The question is, what happened to YOU?” asked Coach Stilman.  “You were flying through those drills in a way that I’ve never seen you do before.”

“Was I?” said Starr, puzzled.  “I felt really good, but I didn’t think I looked any different.”

“Well, you looked very different.” Coach turned to the rest of the team.  “Stop gawking at Williamson and get into formation for game play.”


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