Whether you’re interested in doing speaking gigs or being hired to teach, thought leadership can be a valuable tool for anyone. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to benefit from thought leadership, either.

Consider how much more valuable you will be to an organization if you’re considered an industry expert?

Well, one way you can move from a professional to a thought leader is by sharing best practices as it relates to your industry. I’m sure you have some, even if you haven’t looked at them as best practices. Every industry has a set of rules that everyone goes by. They’re often unspoken, until an expert (like yourself) decides to speak them.

Here are a few ways you can share best practices:

In a blog post

Make it a point to outline industry best practices three to four times a year on your blog. If your industry has a solid set of best practices that don’t change very often, break them up in a few ways:

  • In one post, list the best practices
  • In the next post, provide specific examples related to the best practices
  • In the next post, provide examples/case studies of companies that didn’t follow best practices and the outcome
  • In the last post, recap the best practices and share an article written by another industry expert discussing them as well

If the best practices don’t change much, update them every two to three years to keep the posts current. You can feature new case studies, different examples and different articles. But these posts will gain a lot of industry specific traction, which will contribute to you (or your company) being considered an expert resource.

In an eBook

If you can write an eBook outlining industry best practices and either give it away for free or sell it, that could go a long way towards establishing you as an industry expert. It doesn’t have to be a really long eBook, either. Just make sure it’s pithy and valuable.

In a video series

Hop on a live stream platform and do a video series outlining best practices. You can do one per stream or group them together. To really get some bang out of your live stream buck, you should definitely do at least three videos. That way you can feature them on your blog or in an email campaign or both. Multiple short videos can feel more meaty and valuable than one long video.

Give it a try. I’d love to hear how you highlight best practices and the results!