So I’ve been going through a bit of a re-brand lately. Well actually, I’ve been going through a moment of brand clarity and communication.

Essentially, I’ve been taking some time to hone in on my brand. I’ve been working to clarify who I am and how that should look in the marketplace. I do plan on hiring a graphic designer/visual branding specialist in the future but right now I’m bootstrapping so I’m doing a lot of things myself.

Let me say this. As a consultant that’s bootstrapping my business while I grow it, I’m approaching it from the foundation building perspective. When I am ready to hire a specialist to handle my branding, I will be able to show him/her what I’ve done so far to provide guidance that I may not be able to verbalize.

As a part of working on my brand, I put together my first brand board. It’s my foundation so I can work on making my marketing collateral more cohesive. Here it is:

Brand Board - 2016

See, it’s not professionally designed but it was so helpful for me to do at this stage of my business. I’m not very talented or comfortable doing visual things, but I did this and now it’s out there. I hope this inspires you to take the leap to do something you may find uncomfortable. I’m pretty sure this is going to change as I grow my business, but now I have somewhere to grow from.