I’m sure you’re paying close attention to your social media platforms, especially if you’re using it to build your brand and/or expand your customer base. But simply logging in and checking likes, shares and comments isn’t enough to give you a complete picture. It’s important to dive deeper into not only the engagement but when and why the engagement happens.

That’s where an audit comes in handy. Conducting regular audits of your website and social media platforms is very valuable. Taking a snapshot of your online and social marketing campaigns is great for having a general understanding about your platforms. Conducting an audit can show you what’s working, what isn’t working and where you should focus your efforts.

There are three types of audits that can be done on your business:

Social Media Audit: this audit focuses on your social media engagement and conversions.

Content Audit: this audit focuses on the content/information you’re sharing online and what’s most beneficial for your business.

Digital Audit: this audit focuses on all of your digital platforms and assets and will highlight the ones that are most beneficial to your business.

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