Over the summer I worked with a marketing agency to do digital strategy for the agency and it’s clients. The agency is largely focused in the business-to-business space in agriculture, utilities and global insurance. It was a great learning experience because I was able to flex my digital storytelling muscles around a topic that many wouldn’t consider something you’d tell stories about.

But one of the marketing tactics that this agency used was trade show marketing. So as the digital strategist using social media and content marketing to market this client online, I was tasked with creating and implementing a social strategy to support the trade show exhibitions.

While doing this, I had the opportunity to be on site at two of the trade shows. I had a blast engaging with trade show attendees on social media. But while I was at the trade show, I was struck by how much companies invest in participating in them. There were companies with two story booths that clearly costs thousands of dollars to create and construct.

As I was leaving the last trade show, I was inspired to write an ebook about the interesting marketing tactics used called Improve Your Trade Show ROI.

If your company participates in trade shows, this book is a great tool for making the most of those events. I include a variety of tactics. Some of them are free or low cost while others involve more of an investment.

The ebook is very cost friendly. It’s only $12 and it’s currently available on Amazon. If you’d like a printed copy mailed to you, it will cost $25. Send me an email and I will get it shipped to you.

So go get your copy of Improve Your Trade Show ROI today!

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