If you notice, there’s an image of a calendar above. This is an example of a blog calendar that I used when I ran my style blog, Clueless Fashionista. I launched Clueless Fashionista in 2008 when blogging was still fairly new to the scene. In fact, blogs were still considered junk writing by the journalism world. Style and fashion bloggers could barely get access to fashion week events and other events to cover them.

So much has changed in the past seven years.

So I was blogging when it was still new and there weren’t as many blogging experts around. So when I was looking for guidance for running my blog, I found myself in other related industries. Internet marketing was a fast growing industry at the time so I tapped into those networks since many internet marketers used blogs as a tool. I went to school for Journalism/Public Relations so I also looked to the media industry.

I definitely found myself piecing different concepts, strategies and tactics together to use for my blog. But one of my biggest challenges was producing content on a consistent basis. It wasn’t that I ran out of things to discuss. It was more that I was uninspired when it came time to write posts.

So I came across the idea of a blog calendar which looked a lot like an editorial calendar commonly used for media outlets to organize their content. I’d been introduced to the ed cal as a tool while I was in undergrad so this made perfect sense to me. My posting schedule was twice a week so I needed to come up with a plan to ensure that I could post twice a week, consistently.

That’s the calendar that you see to the right. It’s not pretty or well designed. I created it in excel and used it as an internal tool. I’m sharing it here because I created a course on the process I used to create this calendar.

Would you want to take that course?

Let me know in the comments. I want to know if I should dust the course off and make it available.

I got great results from my content calendar. It helped me to run my blog consistently for five years. So, comment below. Would you take a course teaching you to create a content calendar?