Ever since I discovered my professional calling as a Digital Strategist, I’ve noticed that it can be a bit tough to understand how it’s different from a Content Strategist or a Social Media Specialist. This is completely understandable. In the world of communications, there is a lot of overlap and inter-connectivity. Plus there are sometimes people who play all three roles under an entirely different moniker. So, here’s my attempt at clarifying the difference between the three.

Digital Strategist

This is the person that connects the dots between an organization’s website, social media and marketing/branding objectives. A strategist has to be a big picture thinker with the ability to execute targeted tactics. So a good strategist understands the digital space as well as the traditional marketing space and can connect them effectively.

Content Strategist

This is the person that orchestrates the creation of the content that your company will be sharing online or offline. Rather than you just launching a blog and beginning to post, a Content Strategist will come up with a plan for the types of content you will be sharing and determine how it will be shared, when it will be shared and who you will share it with.

Social Media Specialist

This is the person that has a deep understanding of how to use social media to reach goals. Not only will this person be an expert at posting on social media, he/she will also understand engagement, what types of content works best on which platform and how to take your company messaging and best share it on the different platforms.

This is a very general overview of the three positions. The point of this post is to differentiate between the three to help facilitate an increased level of understanding. So let’s get the conversation going.

What questions do you have about the world of Digital Marketing?