Another unarmed black man has been killed by a police officer.

*heavy sigh*

This open season type of behavior on black people is absolutely abhorrent. It must stop.

But that’s not what this post is about. We’re all in agreement that police officers killing unarmed black people is a problem. It’s always been a problem. When black people were first brought to the Americas, we were viewed as subhuman and treated that way for many, many years after slavery was abolished. Yes, I realize that’s a huge understatement but this post isn’t about that.

This Side Eye Report is about the people that think it’s OK to share pictures of dead people on social media. The people that think it’s OK to show the video of Walter L. Scott being shot down and killed on social media.



Yes, I’m yelling. Why the f*^k do you need to see this man being shot to recognize that it’s a tragedy? Why the f*^k do you need to show the bodies of the people killed in Kenya to make the point that it’s a tragedy?

You don’t.

When black people are killed, it’s tragic. They have families and loved ones that are mourning a loss. We don’t need to see the killing nor see the dead body to recognize the tragedy. And by showing those videos and pictures, you are only desensitizing people to the tragedy.

I was inspired to write this Side Eye Report by the wonderful Awesomely Luvvie.

Luvvie on Walter Scott

I read this, and I share her outrage. It’s awful what that police officer did to Walter Scott. But I don’t need to see the video to recognize the terrible nature of the officer’s choice and subsequent actions. And I had no intention of watching the video, ever. But guess how I ended up seeing it?

On the damn news!

The people who produce the nightly newscast thought it was prudent to show the video of Walter Scott being shot in the back as he ran away from the police officer. What in the entire f*^k made that producer think the video needed to be aired?

It didn’t. You sharing that video and any pictures of dead or dying black people to prove to people that black lives matter isn’t helping. You’re disrespecting the very people who’s lives you say matter.

Consider this: In times of war, it’s been documented that when one side conquers another, those people may leave the bodies of the dead lying out and exposed as a sign of disrespect for the people that they’ve conquered.

You sharing that video and those pictures is not unlike that same deliberate show of disrespect.

Stop doing it.