Frowning DogI’m not even sure where to start with this particular side eye report. Let me just lead with this wonderfully written article by Kirsten West Savali of The Root about Creflo Dollar and his quest for a new private jet.

She said a lot of things that I was thinking  with the appropriate amount of shade but I want to add to the grove of trees that are and will be covering Creflo as more people discuss the situation.

dog side eye

First of all, how many ministers do you know that have their own private jet?

And does a minister really need one?

In my opinion, no. There are commercial flights crossing the globe at any given time. If a minister needs to fly somewhere to provide the gospel or inspire someone to live their best life, it’s entirely possible to do it without owning a private jet.

But he already had one so I suppose that’s a moot point. But when the jet had engine failure, it was grounded. Rather than using some of his own money (Creflo reportedly has a net worth of about $27 million), Creflo chooses to ask his congregation to foot the bill of buying him another private jet.


The man who is worth millions is going to ask people who are worth thousands (some less), to donate $300 to go towards a new Gulfstream G650 which costs $65,000,000.

That’s just ridiculous.

Have several seatsCreflo and whoever co-signed this nonsense need to go have several seats because this type of tomfoolery is why some people don’t trust churches and it’s unfortunate. Many ministers serve their congregations. When they ask for money, it’s to support their church family. Very few are posting religious kickstarter campaigns on their websites “requesting” that their congregation buy them a new plane.

It’s madness. And the sad part is that he will likely raise the money. As a minister that focuses on prosperity, he chooses to live a lavish lifestyle as a way to show his congregation how it’s done. He doesn’t make any apologies about it. In fact, he has a School of Prosperity that will show you how…for a small fee.

If he’s going to teach people how to be prosperous, why can’t he use the funds from his “school” to pay for his jet?

I just…

Wait What