While I won’t be pursuing another degree any time in the near future, I am a supporter of continuing education and professional development. There are so many classes, workshops, certifications that people can take to extend their skills and make themselves more marketable. I like to provide a lot of value to my clients, projects and jobs.

So once I figured out that my specialty is Digital Strategy and Storytelling, I looked for some skills that could compliment those specialties. Ever since I was a style blogger, I was acutely aware of the importance of analytics. I struggled through a lot of internet marketing webinars, ebooks and workshops hoping to gain some insight into analytics and how to understand them. I got insight here and there but there were still some holes in my knowledge.

I was excited to find out about the Google Analytics Certification. Yeah, I said it. I was excited about something that’s really not that exciting. I’m a nerd. Go with me here.

So, I was excited to find out about the certification. I was even more excited to learn that it was a self-paced class and free to take. Late last year, I made the commitment to myself to dive in and start taking the course. I put it on my calendar (which works much better than you’d think) and started learning. I went through both classes and finished them but then I discovered that didn’t mean I was certified. I had to take a separate test.

So…I procrastinated.

Yep, I’d taken the time to go through these self-paced classes and take those tests but when it came time to take the big dog test, I stalled. Procrastination is one of my weaknesses.

So with the help of my accountability group and an appointment to go over analytics with someone coming soon, I had to take the test. I used Saturday night to go over the material and study. Then I woke up Sunday morning to take the test.


It’s interesting that I stalled taking the test because I’ve always tested well. I was one of those students that could go to class, listen to the lecture and pass the class with at least a B+. Yes, this is a humble brag. I’m proud of being a good student.

Back in:

So I took the test and passed!!! I’m officially Google Analytics certified and will be creating a suite of services that involve Google Analytics. Stay tuned!