As I become more involved in the digital industry professionally, I am becoming more invested in certain issues and topics. One of those things is net neutrality. It’s something I learned about a few years ago but I didn’t realize the importance of it until the last year or so.

When I realized the gravity of net neutrality and why it’s slowly becoming a hot button issue, I began to wonder why more people weren’t talking about it. Until President Obama made mention of it in a speech last year, it was largely only being discussed in tech/digital circles. The first time I saw it was in a link on my Firefox browser. Then when I first read up on it, I was completely unclear as to what it really was, which led to me not being sure why I should care about it. But as I continued to see it, I decided to do more digging around and gained some more clarity about what it is. Then I became concerned.

As someone who appreciates the free nature of the internet and the flow of information that it offers, the idea that the flow could become commercialized is alarming. Once you truly understand what net neutrality is, you may find cause to be concerned as well. I’d like to help with that. I want to contribute to the conversation educating people about net neutrality. I was poking around online reading up on the more recent developments (which I will discuss in a later blog post–or two) and I found this great video. It does a good job of outlining net neutrality and why it’s important.