“Have a good evening,” she said with a naughty grin.  “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Bye!” I said laughing as I walked toward the elevator.

I walked to my car and got it.  It was a nice day so I rolled down my windows and turned up my radio a bit as I headed out of the parking lot.  I had to stop by the store so I decided I would give him a call when I got to the store.  I needed some time to enjoy the music and the breeze.

When I got to the store, I rolled up my windows and hopped out of the car.  As I was walking in, I dialed my cell phone to give him a call.  I got his voicemail so I left him a message letting him know that I had left work a bit before 4pm and was heading home but that I was still open to the early dinner idea from my email.  I hung up and pulled out my list.  I had to make a list every time I went to the store so I wouldn’t get off task and pick up things I didn’t need.  I had a bad habit of doing that.

As I was going through the self check out line, my phone rang.  I hit ignore so I could pay attention to my purchases.  I hated it when people were at the register doing twelve things at once and holding up the line.  I paid for my purchases and grabbed by bags.  As I was walking to my car, I pulled out my phone and checked the call log.  He had called me back but didn’t leave a message.  I closed my phone and headed back to my car to put my bags in the trunk.  Once I got in and backed out, I picked up my phone to call him back.

I got his voicemail again and left another message.  “Hey, I saw that you called but didn’t leave a message.  I just left the store and am headed home now.  Give me a call back and let me know if you still want to get together.”

I rolled down my windows again and cranked up my music.  I put my cell phone on my leg so I would feel it vibrate if I got a call.  As I was pulling into my parking space, my phone vibrated.  I turned down the music and answered.  It was him.

“Hi!” I said.  “How are you?”

“I’m fine,” he said in a tight voice.  “Where are you?”

“I’m just parking at my apartment.  Did you get my voicemail messages and email?” I asked.

“Yes, I got them,” he said.  “When I called you back, you didn’t answer.  What were you doing?”

“Sounds you didn’t get my second message.  I was at the store when you called.  I called you right back, though,” I said.

“Oh at the store, huh?” he said.

“Yeah,” I said feeling a little annoyed.

“Well I wanted to come over and see you tonight.  Do you feel up to company?” he said.

“I am tired from last night,” I said.  “But I’m ok with you coming by for an early dinner.  I can cook something.”

“An early dinner?” he said.  “Why does it have to be an early dinner?”

“Because I’m tired and I need to get some sleep.  I barely made it through the day today and I have some deadlines coming up at work that I need to be alert for this week,” I said.

“Oh,” he said sounding disappointed.  “I wanted to come and spend the night with you again.”

“While that sounds absolutely lovely, I would probably fall asleep on you,” I said.  “What if we do that Friday night so we can spend Saturday together as well?  My Saturday is wide open.”

“Well, I guess that would be ok,” he said.  “I was really looking forward to seeing you tonight but I guess I can hold out.”

“Cool,” I said.

We continued talking as I got out of the car and headed inside.  After I put everything away, I told him I was going to take a shower and get comfortable for the evening.  We said goodbye and I headed to my room to take a quick shower and put on my lounging clothes.

After I got out of the shower, I went to the kitchen to make myself some dinner.  I was more tired than hungry so I took out the ingredients for a salad.  I had some grilled chicken left over from another meal so I cut that up and added in some apple slices, onions, carrots and cheese.  I put it in a bowl and pulled out a bottle of white wine.  I took my glass of wine and salad over to the couch and turned on the television.  I really needed to veg out some before I went to bed to rest my mind.

As I was eating the salad and watching television, I heard a knock at my door.  I walked over to it and looked out the peep hole.  It was him.

I opened the door.

“What a surprise,” I said.  “What brings you by?”

“I just couldn’t wait until Friday to see you again,” he said.

He grabbed me and kissed me passionately.

When we parted, I stepped back.  He was still standing in the open doorway.

“Wow,” I said.  “That was a lot.  Is something wrong?”

“No,” he said.  “Can’t I just be happy to see you?”

“Sure,” I said.  “I just wasn’t expecting you tonight based on our conversation a couple of hours ago.”

“Are you not happy to see me?” he asked.  I saw a small flicker of that thing in his eyes again.  It was the same look I saw the other night.  My stomach clenched slightly.

“I’m happy,” I said.  “I’m just surprised to see you-that’s all.”

He reached for me again but I was too far away from him after I took a few steps back.  He came into my apartment but left the door open.  He narrowed his eyes a little and took a step towards me.  I tried to focus my mind and assess the situation as best I could.  I couldn’t understand why this was happening.  I really liked this guy and here he was stepping menacingly towards me but I wasn’t sure why.

“Is everything ok?” I asked.

“No,” he said.  “I really wanted to see you and you didn’t want to see me.”

I shook my head slowly from side to side as I continued to back away from him further into my living room.

“No,” I said.  “It’s not that I didn’t want to see you but I am really tired and I didn’t want to be rude and fall asleep on you.”

“Well I really wanted to see you so I came over anyway to see you,” he said.

I wanted to get him to calm down and start acting like the guy that I had been falling for over the past few months.

“Here, have a glass of wine,” I said motioning to my glass sitting on the living room table.  “Let me go get another glass from the kitchen and we can talk.”

He looked at me with that crazy look in his eye and then walked over to the couch and sat down.

I walked into the kitchen and looked for my cell phone.  Thankfully I had left it in the kitchen when we finished talking earlier and no one had called since then.  I picked up the phone and dialed 911 but didn’t hit the send key.  I pulled out the bottle of wine and got another glass.  I walked back to the living room and sat down next to him on the couch.  I pulled out the wine cork and poured myself a glass of wine.

“Would you like more?” I asked.

He shook his head so I reached over and poured a bit more into his glass.  He picked it up and took a big gulp before sitting the glass down.  He stared at the television for a minute then he looked over at me.  I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that crazy look out of his eyes.  He looked like the guy I’ve gotten to know and like a lot again.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Well you kind of caught me off guard,” I said, choosing my words carefully so as not to set him off.  “I wasn’t expecting you to stop by tonight. I thought we were going to get together Friday.”

“Oh,” he said.  “I just wanted to see you and the next thing I knew, I was in my car driving over.”

He reached over to give me a kiss and I flinched slightly.  He pulled back, eyes widening.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.  “Did I scare you?”

“Yeah, a little,” I said.  “There was a look in your eyes that worried me.”

He leaned over again and brought me close to him for a hug.  After a few minutes, he let me go and kissed me on the cheek and forehead.

“I apologize if I frightened you,” he said.  “Sometimes I get really intense when I feel really strongly about something or someone.  I really like you and after last night I just couldn’t get you off my mind.”

I smiled at how sweet he was being.  I leaned over and gave him a kiss.

“It’s ok,” I said.  “I’m flattered that you wanted to see me so bad.  Let me take your jacket.  Would you like some salad?”

He took off his jacket and handed it to me.  I closed the front door and walked over to the closet to hang up his jacket when I felt him right behind me.  I turned around in shock and he grabbed my neck tightly.

“When I say I want to see you, you’d better make the time to see me,” he said menacingly.  “Don’t ever tell me no again.”

I tried to speak but couldn’t get the words out as he squeezed my throat.  Tears began to roll down my cheeks and I felt myself getting dizzy.  My hands were hanging by my sides so I reached into my pocket and hit the send button on my cell phone thankful that I had kept 911 keyed in.  Right before I passed out, I felt him kiss me on the forehead and whisper “I’m sorry.”