How much do you value your hair?

Your hair isn’t referred to as your crowning glory without good reason! The way it looks and feels can have a profound effect on your sense of well being so if you value your locks and want to banish bad hair days forever, there are some simple steps you can take to keep it looking tip-top.

Invest in the best!

Terry Calvert, award-winning hairdresser, President of the Fellowship for British Hair and founder of the Clipso Salon Group says: “Always use the best quality shampoo and conditioner you can afford. It may sound obvious but it’s amazing the number of women who spend a fortune on moisturisers that promise to keep their skin smooth, supple and wrinkle-free but who skimp on their hair, which needs just as much TLC if not more!”

Luxe Locks Begin With a Good Shampoo

If you can only afford to invest in one product Terry’s advice is to buy a good quality shampoo. He explains: “Cleansing is the first step to creating shiny, manageable, healthy hair and if you get this right, you’re half way there! There’s no point applying a good conditioner to hair that hasn’t been thoroughly but gently cleansed – it would be the equivalent of wall papering over the cracks and you’ll just end up with build-up and lifeless, lack-lustre hair.” Ask a professional stylist to recommend the best products for your hair type and condition and that way you won’t be left to make potentially the wrong choice from an overwhelming supermarket selection. Terry says: “A good shampoo is kind on the scalp and gently cleanses, removing dirt, oil and build-up, without leaving any unwanted residue. It also contains some conditioning ingredients and will go a long way towards improving the look, feel and manageability of your hair.” We recommend Kevin Murphy Angel Wash, Pureology Hydrating Shampoo, Kerastase Resistance Bain de Force and Alterna Caviar Moisture Shampoo. If you’re a colour junkie or you constantly subject your hair to damaging heat styling irons you need to use nourishing treatments like Redken Extreme Deep Fuel to keep your hair strong and healthy. Aussie session stylist Kevin Murphy’s Born Again Masque is excellent for rehydrating parched locks and celebrity brand Alterna, whose fans include Victoria Beckham, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, has just launched a super-nourishing Overnight Hair Rescue, which completely revitalises stressed-out hair.

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