With only about 6 weeks left of Summer, I have been asked by several readers and clients what are the best publications to find trendy cuts, colors and styles for the upcoming fall season. With these questions in mind, this month’s blog is a listing of magazines that I feel offer the very best in handling these and other hair/skin concerns.

* My number one publication for cut, color and style trends would be Sophisticates Black Hair. Not only because I’ve been featured in it, but because it is written with you, the client, in mind. It breaks down the cut, emphasizes the placement of color and gives step-by-step style guides.

* Hype Hair Magazine is also an excellent source for researching the hottest trends. This publication also has product reviews and expert advice on how to use them. This magazine also has a section for Q & A with an expert in that field.

* My third recommendation is going to make you think I’ve lost my mind..Vogue. I send my clients to this publication mainly for color and trendy cuts. Vogue is a fashion magazine, however, it tends to be an excellent source in the beauty industry for inspiration and direction for pulling it all together (fashion, color, cut and style).

Again, these publications are the ones that I subscribe to as well as send my clientele to review. They have never let me down in regards to being trendy and keeping me in the know with the beauty industry and new products.

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