Before you even put on any type of makeup, you must first determine what colors look best on you. Short of going to the drug store and buying one of every color, there is a way to determine the types of colors that will compliment you.

While applying makeup isn’t rocket science, there is a science to choosing the best colors. Now don’t worry, it doesn’t require you to go to college and get a degree in chemistry or biology. All it really takes is for you to spend a little time in the mirror. The first step to finding the colors that will look best on you is to determine your skin tone.

In essence, your skin tone is simply the color of your skin along with the color underneath. Now you may be wondering how is it that you have color underneath your current skin color. This is where the science comes in but you don’t need a PhD to figure out what it is. All you need is a white piece of paper and some good lighting.

Take the white piece of paper and hold it up to your face. If there is a yellow, orange or reddish shadow being cast on the paper, you have a warm skin tone. If there is a blue or greenish shadow being cast on the paper, you have a cool skin tone.

The best lighting to use for this test is natural light from outside. Also, the mirror should be a decent size to give you enough reflection so that it bounces back onto the paper.

Good luck! This color test is helpful for makeup colors as well as clothing colors. Check back regularly for more back to basics tips or join the email list to get updates in your email.