Well Ladies, the time has finally arrived. After a dreadful winter mess, it’s time to color your hair RED!! Literally speaking. You’ve guessed it. This month’s beauty tips are all about color.
**I highly recommend that you visit your licensed hair stylist for any and all color applications and treatments.**
  • Now is the optimum time to acheive that long desired Blonde Bombshell shade. Have your stylist try out any shade ranging from 5 to 9 and throw in a few highlights as well. This will guarantee an extra pep in your step this spring and summer.
  • For those ladies that aren’t quite comfortable going that outrageous, look within the Chestnut and Chocolate shades to compliment your skin tone as well as attitude. Nothing says “Im in charge” like a lady with rich Chocolate and bouncy hair. Owww!!
  • A new trend this season is daring Red tones. Whether you opt for red mixes, highlights or an all over shade, you are sure to turn heads and stop traffic. Red tones can be used to achieve an array of attitude changes from sexy to playful.
  • And of course, who could ever leave out the sexiness of Black. There is unmistakeably something about a confident lady that wears black hair like she wears silk. Your hair can be short, medium, long, straight, curly or spiked. Add black and you’ve just added the wow factor!
These tips will not only ensure that your confidence is extended but also your little blackbook! ; )
If you want to put your color in the hands of Mandrill Hardge or learn more about this dynamic hair stylist, visit his website www.mandrillhardge.com