As you walked toward me, I didn’t know what to think. I actually never got the chance to react at all. Before I knew it, you had leaned over and begun talking in my ear.

“Why are you sitting over here alone,” you asked.
“I’m just sitting here resting,” I said.
“Well I’m going upstairs to get a drink,” you said. “I will come back down and talk to you in a minute.”

You introduced yourself to me and I did the same. Then you straightened up and walked away. I sat there entranced, intrigued and a little excited. I couldn’t clearly see your face but I could tell you were a nice looking guy. I vaguely remembered what you were wearing but what stuck in my mind was the scent of your cologne. I fixated on it. It was sort of sweet but in a masculine way and it clouded my thoughts. My temperature rose, which was weird because it was so hot in the club. I couldn’t think straight. All I could smell was your cologne. My arousal was gradual but steady. I wanted to find you and smell your scent up close again. It spoke to my most primal senses. I was an animal on the hunt but I wasn’t looking for prey. I was looking for the source of that wonderfully intoxicating smell.

When I finally saw you, I couldn’t think. You were standing near the VIP section having a drink just like you said. I walked toward you but stopped just short of approaching you. I was afraid to ruin the fantasy. I hesitated. As the night wore on, your scent stayed with me. It was no longer just a smell. It entered my mind and made my thoughts cloudy.

I wanted to find you and be close to you. I had changed my mind. I wanted to smell that wonderfully intoxicating scent that filled my nose and then my head and turned me on with its subtle sweetness. I looked for you again and finally saw you as you were leaving. You’d removed your hat and I could clearly see your face. You were indeed quite attractive which made my fantasy that much better. I wanted to talk to you again and see where the conversation could truly go. I walked toward with you but you were gone before I could reach you. I couldn’t remember your name. All I could do is watch you leave and wonder. Did you feel as good as you smelled? Did you taste as good as you looked? I drove home that night tingling from your smell. I could only imagine how I would feel after experiencing your touch. And imagine I did…

*This is a piece of flash fiction I wrote a few years ago after a night out.
©All rights reserved