This month is celebrated as the month of love and sexiness, it can be the simpliest of changes in your hair style that can create a mood most fitting.  Below are a few ways that will ensure your man will stop and take notice of you this month.

* If you are wearing your hair in its natural state (curly), this is the perfect time to make that appointment with your skilled stylist to get a silk press.  Men love hair that is silky and touchable!
* Try having your stylist give your hair some playful curls.  This almost always brings out the youthful appearance to a lady of a certain age!
* Have your stylist be creative with color pieces.  A hint of color in the crown or even in the bang can be sexy as well as romantic.
* For that special evening out on the town, have your stylist to softly pin your hair up. This can be achieved either with cascading curls or a soft spike.  Either way will expose your neckline, therefore ensuring instant romance!

Mandrill Hardge is a fabulous hair stylist who specializes in bringing out the beauty in hair.  If you’d like to learn more about him or if you’re in the Atlanta area and want to schedule an appointment, visit his website at

If you enjoy this post, stay tuned for more wonderful hair tips from Mandrill Hardge!