I’ve always had sensitive skin. I remember running into issues whenever I used a skin care product that had perfume or dye in it. I’ve even had to switch to laundry detergent that is 100% free of dyes, perfumes and any other extras outside of the general cleaning agents.

My skin sensitivity has made me very diligent in researching skin care products but I often find it challenging to do research without actually trying things out. As you fellow sensitive ladies know, testing skin care products can be a dicey game when you have sensitive skin.

I was introduced to www.myskin.com by a fellow FABB Blogger and I was very pleased when I visited the site. I immediately signed up and did a search for something I could wash my face with because I’ve been having issues lately and I needed to make a change. The site led me to something that I’m using now and so far so good.

I’ve noticed that many people are clueless about how to properly care for their skin and oftentimes can’t afford a regular facial or regular visits to the dermatologist. I think this website is a great resource and it’s free to join.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a paid endorsement.  This is just a really cool site that has helped me with my skin care and I think more of us could use this type of help.  The site features a search engine where you can look for products based on your skin care needs. It also has member reviews so you get a realistic view of the product. Initially I was worried that it might be a website that was created to promote a certain brand of products, but it’s not.

I saw products that ranged in price from $3 to $50 and I’m sure there are more that didn’t match my particular search results.  I encourage you all to check out www.myskin.com. The site isn’t currently open to the public so I have a special invite code for Clueless Fashionista readers.

Click any of the links in this post or the logo at the top and when you create your account, use this code: cluelessfashionista.