Purple is one of the hot colors right now. It’s been hot since last fall. I saw it everywhere when I visited Italy, especially Milan. If you want to participate in the purple trend this summer, one great way is by wearing lilac eyeshadow. By definition, lilac is a light purplish color. I know some of you may be afraid to try out light colored eye shadow. I used to be. I would summon up visions of the 70’s when women wore freakishly light eye makeup and not want to attempt that look myself. But I’ve learned that light colored eye color can be a nice hint of color to compliment your eyes. If you want to experiment with lilac eyeshadow, here is a video showing you how to apply it. It’s a video by Makeup Geek. She refers to primer, which I am a strong supporter of. I currently use Bare Escentuals Eye Primer, which works wonders. She is also using loose shadow, which is a bit more advanced, but the technique is the same for shadow in the pot as well.

Enjoy the video and even if you don’t wear lilac eyeshadow, I implore you to try wearing eye shadow in general. It’s a great way to enhance your eyes and add a new dimension to your look.

Make sure you visit her website at www.makeupgeek.com for more makeup tutorials.