As one of the millions (billions?) of Michael Jackson fans, I was very saddened by his passing on June 25, 2009. I grew up listening to his music and experiencing his videos. I have very vivid memories of being 6 years old and seeing the Thriller video for the first time. It scared the crap out of me but I wanted to see it. People were so excited about it, I had to know why. While it was scary, it was also awesome. Unfortunately, I woke up that night screaming for my mom because it gave me nightmares. My mom had to take down my Michael Jackson poster because I was traumatized. It’s a really cool thing to think back on.

I wanted to do my own little tribute to the man that revolutionized pop music and music videos. So I’m going to post my top three favorite Michael Jackson songs.

Dirty Diana
This was a grittier side to him and I loved the song. I loved it so much, I would put on his “Bad” album right at the spot where this song began. Enjoy!

The Way You Make Me Feel
This was another song that I could cue up on the “Bad” album. It was so cute and playful. I especially liked the video.

The Way You Make Me Feel

PYT: Pretty Young Thang
I have an 80’s styled sweatshirt with these words on them that I LOVED to wear as a kid. It was pink with purple writing on it and although I’m not a fan of pink, this was one exception. I didn’t remember ever seeing a video for this song and I couldn’t find one so my memory serves me correctly. Here is the song anyway. Enjoy and dance around!

I hope he was secretly working on an album that will be released posthumously. I would enjoy hearing how his musical ability has grown since his last album. My best wishes go out to his family. He will be missed but his music has immortalized him in the hearts and minds of millions.