The smokey eye has been popular for quite some time. It does add quite the sexy allure when your eyes are properly smoked. Typically it’s a look saved for a more high glam look when you’re going out on the town or to a formal event. With the spring makeup trends, it’s become something that can be worn in other situations. By making the smokey eye, soft, you can put it on during the day without it being overwhelming. This is great for us ladies that may be intimidated by the smokey eye thinking it’s too dramatic. Rather than doing the smokey eye with dark colors like plums, black and browns, make it softer by using grays, taupe and pinks. You can do it using the softer colors that are ideal for the warmer months. I’ve already posted an instructional video showing you how to do a smokey eye. Check out the post. It’s very helpful. I’ve done a smokey eye using it and it turned out nicely.

Smoke Those Eyes!

So to recap. Take a look at the video. Instead of using dark colors, use lighter softer colors and practice smoking your eye! I’d love to receive some pictures of successful soft smokey eyes. Please share!