Another big trend for spring/summer right now is soft makeup. One way to achieve that look while actually wearing makeup is by using blush. I am a huge fan of brushing on some blush in addition to some lipgloss to make your face glow. In fact, blush is something I like to put on when I’m feeling washed out or tired and that little bit of color on my cheeks wakes me right up. Or at least it makes me look like I’m awake. For blush basics, check out my post, Blushing beauties!

So you can imagine how excited I was to see that soft blush was a makeup trend for spring/summer. You may be wondering how to do soft blush. It’s quite simple. Go for lighter blush colors like pinks, peaches and rose reds rather than the stronger blushes like dark reds. The great thing about lighter blush colors is that it’s a lot harder to “mess it up” so you makeup newbies can take this trend and venture into the blush territory.

Happy blushing!