As promised, here is the beginning of the breakdown of the Spring 2009 makeup trends. The great thing about these trends is that they can go well into the summer and although they’re trends, they can easily be incorporated into your makeup routine if there is one or more that you fancy.

Eyebrows! They are definitely a point of contention for me as I was born with very thin eyebrows. I never really cared about them being so thin until I got into wearing makeup more and I realized that by not playing them up, I was missing out on a great opportunity to bring out my eyes. So I began to fill them in with an eyebrow pencil. It looked very harsh, especially to someone that wasn’t used to seeing much color above her eyes. I continued with the pencil until I visited the lovely Mac counter and was advised to fill them in with a shadow for a softer, more natural brow. I promptly bought the brown shadow and an angled brush and went home to practice. Egads! I had found the eyebrow promised land. I’ve been filling in my brows that way ever since. So really, the soft eyebrows trend has been my personal trend for years but it was great to see it on the list for the spring. Below is a great video that shows you how to fill in your brows using just a shadow and then how to make them more dramatic by adding a pencil. However, even though she uses a pencil in the second part of the video, her brows are still soft and natural. Check it out and stay tuned. I may be doing my own eyebrow tutorial once I figure out the whole web cam set up for something like that. Enjoy!

If you enjoy this video, definitely subscribe to her youtube channel. I just found her today and I plan on subscribing myself!