Hello there Clueless Fashionistas!

While I’ve been doing a lot of talking about current clothing trends, I realized that there are some cool makeup trends going on right now. I know that makeup can be a sticky subject for us Clueless Fashionistas. Either you don’t have time to wear any or you go without or you found a look that works and you stick with it, regardless of when you first wore the look! Then there are those of you that fall somewhere in between those extremes. Well I’m here to help with not only a list of makeup trends for spring 2009, but I will follow up with a “How do I wear that trend” series that explains how to incorporate the different makeup trends. I’m excited because the spring makeup trends are all about a natural, easy look. I think you will enjoy learning how to do these looks as well. If there is a trend you don’t see on this list, please send me a message. If it’s a trend you want to participate in, let me know and I will add it to the list and create a post about it.

Spring 2009 Makeup Trends

1. Soft eyebrows
2. Violet eyeliner
3. Glowing skin
4. Soft blush
5. Nude and pale lip color
6. Soft, smokey eye
7. Lilac eyeshadow
8. Bright eyeshadow
9. Thick, long eyelashes
10. Bold, red lips

So there you have it, 10 makeup trends for spring 2009. Stay tuned for the separate post about each one. I also hope to include a video showing how to do each look. Overall the idea for this spring/summer is softness and simplicity.