Well I’m in New York for Fashion Week. I am working with Ground Crew (the same company I did Victoria’s Secret for) as a dresser. Last night I worked the Tony Cohen show in the tents and I had the chance to attend the William Rast show. The Tony Cohen collection was really cute. It was a collection of lightweight dresses, slim fitting pants and interestingly cut shirts. Here’s a link to the review of the collection by Women’s Wear Daily: Tony Cohen Ready To Wear Collection-Fashion Week 2009

I got to dress the lovely Martha who was a pleasure to work with for my first show.

After working the Tony Cohen show, we went into the Lobby to wait for the William Rast show. We crowded in to wait for the show to start and I scanned the crowd for celebrities. I spotted Anothony Anderson, Miss J of American’s Next Top Model, Aisha Tyler and Aubrey formerly of the group Danity Kane pretty quickly. It got more crowded so I stopped scanning and waited for the show. From what I’ve seen in the past the William Rast line is a fairly casual line but the clothes have a great fit and clean lines. I was excited to see what they would be offering for the fall.

I was disappointed. From the looks of it, they were going for a retro vibe but they chose to focus on denim with sparkly jackets, rhinestones and scarves. Unfortunately to me the line looked like the kind of stuff I’ve seen in stores like Kmart in the 90’s. I didn’t like the retro look of the clothes and overall the line wasn’t overly exciting. In spite of that, it was cool to be there and I look forward to working Michael Kors tomorrow and possibly attending some more shows. Check out the pics and judge for yourself:

Here’s a review of the line from examiner.com: William Rast-Fashion Week 2009
Enjoy the pictures and check back for more Fashion Week coverage.