While doing some research, I came across this great blog by a single mother. The blog is called Ms Single Mama and the website is www.mssinglemama.com. I found this blog both entertaining and informative. I was browsing through it when I came across a post that she’d written about Ann Coulter’s book, Guilty. Well I’m not a follower of Ann Coulter but from what I’ve seen and read about her, she is very right wing in her views and she has no problem taking direct aim at specific people or groups. While I can’t fault her for her beliefs, I can definitely fault her for her tactics. Ms Single Mama posted a video on CNN’s website, www.ireport.com about some of the statistics that Ann Coulter is using to support her current attack on single mothers in her new book. This video was very well done and she made some great points. I wanted to share it with you. I’m not a single mother but before my mom and my stepdad got together, I was being raised by a single mother. Although that was a short time period in my life, I saw my mom do her thing with taking care of me and handling her business. I have so much respect for single mothers. Please take a moment to watch this video then visit her blog at www.mssinglemama.com.