After posting the blog about how to do a smokey eye, I realized that there are women who don’t wear eye makeup on a daily basis. I used to be that person and it was typically because I was uncomfortable with how it would look. I didn’t want to look crazy so I preferred to keep things basic and just stick with a nice lip gloss (boy do I love my lip gloss!). Eventually I started experimenting with eye makeup. I started out with eye liner and mascara and then branched out into eye shadow. Now I’m a lot more adventurous with my shadow but I also tend to wear it much more often. I may not wear it every day but I will put it on several times a week. I found this great video tutorial on youtube showing you how to put on eye shadow for every day wear. It’s about 10 minutes long but the lady on the video does a great job of breaking everything down. Plus she has a short review at the end of the video where she shows you the best brushes to get and recaps the eye shadow information. She uses mostly MAC products in her video but if you’re looking for brushes at a lower cost, check out the ELF link on the left of this page. They specialize in selling makeup tools at very affordable prices. Check out the video.

In the video, she mentions an article that she wrote that gives more help and insight into wearing eye shadow. Here is a link to that article:

Lots of thanks to the wonderful Haute Mimi for sharing the link to Makeup Geek’s youtube page in her blog at! I will definitely post more videos from Makeup Geek but if you have makeup questions that I haven’t addressed, either send me a comment or visit the website for more info. I’m definitely not a makeup expert and I’m a believer in referring questions to the experts.

Happy eye shadowing!