While researching different how-to videos to upload that I hope are very helpful, I discovered that the scope of eyeliner goes beyond what I initially thought. In my experience, I’ve only come across liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner. I use gel pencil eyeliners from MAC but I’ve started experimenting with other, less expensive brands. A MAC eyeliner typically costs around $12 (from my past purchases) and that can be a bit expensive if you want to buy multiple colors or if you tend to misplace the pencils. I love the gel liners because they’re much easier to put on than some of the less soft pencils. I tried liquid eyeliner years ago and got it in my eye and was instantly traumatized because I wear contacts and can’t have too much random debris in my eye. Well I’ve found a video from the lovely, Makeup Geek that goes through the different types of eyeliner with a brief description about how to apply each one. Her tutorials are really great and easy to follow and I highly recommend you bookmarking her site because she is a makeup pro. I will still post her videos but I will focus on the more elementary ones. She has ones that are much more advanced and great for those of you daring types who want to experiment with different looks. Enjoy!

Thanks Makeup Geek!