I am going to a Halloween party this weekend and I’m going as a dark fairy.  Basically I’m wearing dark fairy wings and an all black outfit.  However, this particular Halloween party is of the sexy variety so my costume has to have sex appeal to it.  Well in addition to my dark, sexy outfit, I will also do some dramatic lashes and a smokey eye.  I’ve experimented with the smokey eye but I wanted to learn how to do it the proper way so I decided to put up a video for you as well.  Since this is the holiday season, more of us will be attending holiday events where dressing up will be a requirement.  One great way to dress up your face is by doing that famous smokey eye.  I found a cool video that shows you how do it with very little muss or fuss.  If you feel like you need additional help, shoot me a question and I will find the answer for you.  I like this video and I already feel like I know a bit more about doing a smokey eye.  Check it out.

I will post pictures of my costume and smokey eye after this weekend. Please, share your smokey eye pictures with me as well. I would love to see how your makeup turns out.