As my whirlwind Italian tour came to a close, we had a chance to visit Venice. While in Milan, we hopped on a train and took the 2 hour trip to the city that floats. I’m not sure if that’s an official thing but that’s how I see Venice. It is literally built on the water, which is really cool.

When we arrived in Venice, we were greeted by our guide and given a walking tour of the city, which was the cutest city ever! It is filled with churches and water and cool shops. I wish that we had more time there because it was my second favorite city in Italy so far. We took a ride in the small canals on a gondola, which was cool aside from the smelly water. Check out the pics:

The lady in the picture is Bella Kim. She’s also from Atlanta and we enjoyed the gondola ride along with four other bellas.

This was our gondola driver. He spoke very little English but he was really nice and attempted to be helpful and answer our questions.

After the gondola ride, we continued to walk around Venice and do a little shopping. We didn’t have a lot of time so we had to walk swiftly back to the train depot so that we wouldn’t be left in Venice. It was a fairly low key trip with some great sightseeing and cool shopping. We did have dinner at a lovely restaurant with great tasting food. I really plan on going back to Venice to spend more time…maybe during carnival.