Odd title. A woman is an adult so one would presume that a woman is the same as a grown ass woman, however this isn’t entirely true. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that some people do not mature once they become officially an adult. I want to specifically address those women that, although their driver’s license may say that they are well over 25, they act more like they are 22.

It stands to reason that when you reach a certain age, you can no longer get away with playing games and doing certain things that you might have done as a teen or in your early 20’s. You are supposed to carry yourself like a mature women with some self-respect. You are supposed to demand that you be treated properly and treat others with the same respect you demand.

Sad to say, I have come across many women who are not grown ass women. They are biologically women but not mature by any means. It’s unfortunate because those women make it hard for those of us who are indeed grown ass women. If you are unsure what makes a woman a grown ass woman, here is a short list.

A grown ass woman:

1. Carries herself in a respectful manner and gives that same respect to others
2. Is willing to apologize when she’s wrong
3. Looks for opportunities for growth even when things aren’t going her way
4. Is able to create meaningful relationships with both men and women

There are many other ways that differentiate a woman from a grown ass woman so please be aware. Just because a woman is grown age wise, doesn’t mean she’s a grown ass woman. All of us women need to work toward becoming a grown ass woman.