Wow…today was an interesting day. What started off as a typical Saturday with me going jogging first thing in the morning and then running some errands, turned into quite an adventure.

Ok, let me start from the beginning.

I woke up this morning and got dressed to go for a jog. I met a friend of mine who has recently started working out and he attempted to join me on my run. He walked a lot but felt better in the end, even though he disliked me for making him come out. After the run, I hit the ground running. I had to run my typical Saturday errands so I did those.

Earlier in the week, my friend had forwarded me an invite to a bbq that was being hosted by a graduate chapter of Omega Psi Phi. A co-worker of hers had invited her. Since I’ve decided that I’m going to be more open to meeting guys and dating, I was interested in going. But before we went, we decided to take a field trip to this store called Aphrodite’s Toybox. You should check it out the next time you’re in Atlanta or if you already live here.

That was an interesting hour or so and afterwards we were hungry so we went to eat at this great restaurant called Noodle. As we were talking, I shared with my friends that I wanted to start dating more and am open to being set up. This cemented us actually going to the bbq since there would definitely be guys there.

I was nervous since with graduate chapters the age demographic can vary widely but I was open so we hit the road and headed to the bbq. Well I didn’t think by hitting the road we would be going on a freakin road trip. If you are familiar with Atlanta, you know that it’s possible to drive for an hour and still be in the metro Atlanta area. Well we managed to almost do just that. Once we exited the expressway, we ended up on this long ass road that at one point was just trees. There were no lights, houses or even cars going by. We got nervous so we stopped at this gas station that looked like something out of a horror movie and asked this guy where the park was. He tells us “It’s right there,” and points. “You go through that stop sign and it’s five seconds away.”

We had to laugh because after the extended journey we took out to what I like to call West Hell, by the time we stopped to ask directions (because that was the ONLY gas station around), we were right there. So we headed over and as we pulled up and got out of the car, I was pleasantly surprised. There was a group of nice looking guys who looked to be in our age group. So we walk up and since it’s so late, we are the only ladies in a crowd of gentlemen. This is definitely not a problem for me and my friends, so we walk on over.

One of the first things we notice is a big grill set up with some great smelling smoke coming out. The gentleman that had invited us offered us some chicken. We politely declined. We were offered chicken two more times and since it smelled so good, me and my friend decided to go ahead and sample it. That was some good chicken! Plus there was some sauce on it that made it taste even better. I had four pieces!

So we are all engaged in conversations with different people. The mingle factor was wonderful. I met a really nice guy that I hope calls me soon so we can hang out. He was a funny guy. He was telling people that we were girlfriend and boyfriend but it was kind of cute. We had some purple kool aid with liquor in it and then one guy walked over with this silver pouch and offered us some wine. It was awesome! I got some of the wine and it was actually really good. Since we got there so late, the guys were already packing things up so we got ready to go to a block party. We were about to pull out when the guy that I’d been talking to walked over to the car we were in. He had mentioned wanting something to drink because he was very thirsty. My friend had a bottle of ginger ale in her car. When he leaned into the window, he asked about the ginger ale. She said that it was hers and he asked if he could have it. She hesitated and he asked. “Have you sucked dick today?” This question was asked with the same expression that someone would have when asking “Have you gone to the store today?”

We laughed so hard! It was crazy that he was able to ask that kind of a question with a completely straight face. Then he waited patiently for the answer so that he could determine if he could have some of her ginger ale.

We headed over to the block party, which got even more interesting. This block party was really a party in the parking lot of this Jamaican restaurant (shack). There was a dj and a few coolers with “beverages” in it. When we walked up, there were guys standing around. We were asked for hugs and when I hugged one of the guys, it was the typical half hug I give people who are strangers. He says to me. “I want a two titty hug.” Then he proceeds to hug me again including both of my boobs. By this point, I couldn’t help but laugh and we headed over to the “dance area”.

We didn’t stay long because it was just too much and we were getting tired. We said goodbye to the gentleman that had invited us and headed back to our cars. As we were driving on the expressway and almost to our cars, we ran across some random debris on the expressway. That was it for us and we were happy to get to our cars and head home.

Remember. The question for the day is, “Have you sucked dick today?” Make sure you ask this of anyone who’s drink you may want to sample. It apparently only counts for the day you are in. If they’ve done it the day before or a less than a week prior, it’s fine. Feel free to drink their drink with a clear conscience.