Well since I am in between film/tv projects, I have been trolling craigslist for opportunities. In spite of the prevalence of scams and other various shady work at home opportunities, craigslist is a very viable means for finding opportunities. I have landed quite a few great ones on there, American Idol and Pioneer Marketing are two noteworthy ones to mention. Ok back to the story.

I have been writing ever since I could string two sentences together. As a kid in elementary school, I used to write these horror stories and pass them around to my friends to read. Everyone always really liked them so I continued to explore my writing skills. As I got older, I branched out from horror to poetry to drama to erotica. I have always enjoyed writing descriptively and using adjectives liberally. I used to read romance novels avidly as a kid and I loved the colorful language. However, I always found some of the novels a bit too lovey dovey for my taste. Then I stumbled across some books that were less romance centered and more about just sex. It was a lot like written porn. Those were just as colorful but in a more graphic way. I discovered that I preferred to explore the world in between those two, erotica.

I’ve been writing erotic stories and poetry for years so when I came across an add on craigslist inquiring about partnering with a writer on an erotic novel, I was interested. I sent an email inquiry and got a response. The response was “sure thing. may i ask first how old are you”. I responded with my age and the fact that I’ve been writing erotic stories and poems for a few years. The follow up response was “interesting. would love to discuss with you in further detail via the phone. may i call you whats your number”

I responded with my business cell number and waited for the call. Not too much longer I got a call from a guy. Initially it was ok. I had a weird feeling but I stayed on the phone because he hadn’t said anything crazy until he said…”You have a sexy voice. Do you think I have a sexy voice?”

Now I’m thinking, “Oh Lord…what did I sign up for?” So I tell him that he sounds ok and he seemed disappointed that I didn’t think he had a sexy voice. Then he starts asking me things about my fantasies and if I had done all of the things that I’ve written about. Now I’m thinking…”WTF?” Then here comes the kicker…he says that in order for us to be able to work together we should have phone sex and then write about it. Apparently he wants to develop this sexually tense relationship with someone and write about their sexual experiences with each other. So now I’m disturbed and uncomfortable when he says he has to go because he has another call. I’m relieved at the reprieve and make a mental note not to answer any more calls with his number, which showed up “Restricted”.

Of course I did get another “Restricted” call later that day, which was ignored. Then I decided to be a bigger person and send him an email which said Thanks for taking the time to speak with me about your idea for an erotic novel. However, I don’t think that we work in similar ways when it comes to writing. I don’t think you have to experience the things you write about to be a good novel and you appear to think the opposite. Good luck with your quest for an “expert writer” to teach you about writing erotica.”

Goodness…when did it become ok to use the craigslist job ads as a way to find strangers to have sexual encounters with?