As I said in the previous post, this has been an interesting year for me. There has been virtually no debauchery and at this point I’m working on getting my swagger back.

Earlier this year, I realized that I hadn’t met anyone or been on a date in quite some time. Now I understand that people go through droughts, but how the hell do you go through a drought unintentionally without even realizing it? Once I realized I was in a drought, I began work to get out of it.

A break through came in the form of a random homeless guy. While I was working on the show that has kept me hella busy since February (Hell Date Season 2), a homeless guy approached my car. I was braced for the offer to wash my car or the request for “spare change” but I got something different. He rolled up on my car and said “You’re pretty. If you want to come find me, I’ll be under this tree.” LOL! I couldn’t believe this dude tried to have me come check him out under his tree.

But swag is swag. So that exchange put me on the path to getting back in the game. I had one hiccup with a gentleman that seemed to want to get in the game but then fumbled at the last minute. Still bewildered about that one but I press on. I have a plan to get back in the game but more about that later. Stay tuned…