Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend the Atlanta show of the “As I Am” tour featuring Alicia Keys, Ne-yo and Jordin Sparks.

It was an awesome show! Alicia Keys is a consummate performer and Ne-yo is electrifying on stage. I only saw the end of Jordin Sparks’ show but she is a cutie pie and I look forward to seeing her grow as an artist. That girl can sang!

Ne-yo’s performance was a story that told the tale of a love found and eventually lost using his songs to narrate. It was great because he sang all of his hits plus some great songs off of both of his albums. He started the show with his current single, “Closer” and kept the energy up throughout. He even sang my most favorite song from his second album, “Make it Work”. He danced well and his dancers were great too. It was very Broadway-esque and his back up band also included a hype man. I’ve never seen an R&B; singer with a hype man but it worked well for Ne-yo!

Alicia Keys came out and performed for about two hours straight. She gave great energy throughout. She sang her hits along with some songs from all three of her albums. She had wonderful dancers and she even did some steps herself. It was great hearing her sing the songs that made her famous like “Fallen” as well as some of my personal favorites from her first cd like “Goodbye”.

If this concert tour is coming to your city, make sure you go check it out. It will be an enjoyable evening. Here’s a link to the rest of the dates: