I promised that we will tackle those thicker eyebrows next so here it is. As someone with extremely thin eyebrows I definitely have a bit of eyebrow envy when I see those ladies with thick brows that don’t have to be filled in with an eyebrow pencil (I try not to leave my house without filling in my brows…it’s become one of my vices). I do understand that the grass isn’t always greener and those ladies with thick eyebrows need love too. I found a video by those wonderful folks at Expert Village and another one by Michelle Phan that I’d like to share with you. The first one is really just a general tutorial on how to choose the best tweezer to use on those brows. I know some of you may fear the pain of tweezers and prefer wax but wax comes with some risks that I can’t comfortably suggest you take. Tweezers won’t burn you and I use them myself!

How to Shape Eyebrows-Expert Village

This next video is a tutorial on how to shape your eyebrows featuring Michelle Phan and some interesting background music. Before you attempt this, I suggest having a white pencil and a piece of ice along with your tweezers nearby. It looks fairly simple. I plan on trying it out myself the next time I refresh my brows.

Good luck ladies and let’s keep those eyebrows shaped up!