Now we all know that clothes are a big part of being more fashionable and hot to trot, however if you have on a great outfit but your makeup is nonexistent, it can ruin the total package.  Now I know that makeup is often a sticking point for those of us but there are some easy ways to step things up in that department.  Some people may have the false belief that in order for makeup to look good, it must be expensive.

Oh no!  This is SO not true.  Now that you’ve gotten your copy of the Budget Fashionista (you have gotten it haven’t you?), you can check out this website and score some great makeup deals. also known as E.L.F. is a great makeup line and everything costs $1!  Isn’t that just awesome!  Now you can go online and really dabble in different makeup colors without having to pay a lot of money to do it.  Don’t worry about the quality because I will not steer you wrong.  I’ve tried several of the E.L.F. products and they’re wonderful.  I’m a huge lip gloss fan and the E.L.F. lipgloss has great shine and consistency.

Now go!  Wear makeup!  Now you have absolutely no excuses not to.