Wednesday (Feb. 13, 2008), I had the opportunity to attend the launch of an event called “Atlanta R&B; Live”. The featured artist was grammy-award winning Ne-yo and the opening act was Cheri Dennis. The event was held at Justin’s and it was full of music industry tastemakers.

It was a very sexy event with a backdrop set up as you walk in where celebrities and other individuals were invited to take pictures and the entrance to Justin’s was draped in white gauze. The event was sponsored by Hennessy and those who got tables were treated to a Hennessy tasting along with dinner. The performances were great. Cheri Dennis has a great voice and delivered a good performance. Her new single is a great dance song and I hope it does well. Check out her website and hear her new single.

Now I am a big fan of Ne-yo and his music. I have both of his cds and they are both on steady rotation in my car. I like his uptempo, midtempo and slow songs, which makes his cds very easy for me to listen to. I have wanted to see him live for quite some time now and it was a pleasure to finally have the opportunity to do so. He was very engaging live and sang some of my favorites from his current cd, Because of You. He also sang an unreleased single that peaked my interest in his next project. I am still a big fan of his and I can’t wait to have the opportunity to see him in a big concert but this intimate setting was a great way to be introduced to him live. If you’re not familiar with him, check out his website and myspace page.

Overall the event was great and I look forward to attending more in the new series. As an avid R&B; lover who wishes there was more good R&B; out there, I look forward to everything this event has to offer. Below are some pictures from the event as taken by a photographer with All the Parties. Check out their website,

Cheri Dennis

Myself and Nicholas

Faatimah York of K’orus Wines and Ross .

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