Happy New Year!

As 2008 comes rolling in, I am optimistic. I haven’t written in a while but it was for good reason. I had the opportunity to work on two television shows. One was called Dallas Austin presents: Drumroll. It was a reality show that followed students in the marching band at Southwest Dekalb High School in Decatur, Ga. It was my first experience in a reality setting of that sort. Before that I had only worked on American Idol which is much more confined to one space. This show entailed following the kids around at school, home, out to dinner, at games, etc. It was tiring but interesting. I learned a lot about directing the camera and what’s most effective in creating an interesting reality show.

The second show I worked on was called “Brutha”. That’s actually a working title and I’m not sure what the final title is yet. It was a show about an up and coming R&B; group. They are a group of brothers who can sing, dance, perform and charm the ladies. They just got signed to Def Jam and are being touted as the next Jackson 5. I can agree because the guys are very likable and talented.

Both shows were being shot for Peachtree TV, a local TBS affiliate. Drumroll aired and received a great response. Brutha hasn’t aired yet but I will post an announcement when its scheduled to air.

Now I’m resting up some before things kick in again. I plan on having quite a few adventures this year. I’ve dubbed 2008 as “The Year of Debauchery”. This is a big birthday year for me and I plan on celebrating all year. I will be back more regularly to share my professional and personal adventures with you.

Stay tuned…