So far 2008 has gone well for me. I’ve been taking things easy and resting a lot in preparation for the whirlwind of a year that is ahead of me. Over the weekend I celebrated the first of a year full of big birthdays. It was fairly low key but the birthday girl had a lot of fun so I’m happy because of it.

I have a lot of things that I prepared for in 2007 that I plan on executing in 2008, both professionally and personally. I’m excited as the year lays out ahead of me but I know it will require a lot of work and take a lot of energy so I want to keep the need for rest in mind.

Next week, I’m going to Las Vegas with two of my business partners at M.Blush Apparel. We’re going to the adult entertainment convention to network and build some contacts for our burgeoning adult t-shirt line. I will share all of the details of our adventures in Vegas and post some pictures of our t-shirt line when I return.