Last week Monday through Wednesday (10-8 thru 10-10), I had the opportunity to work as a production assistant on the second round auditions of American Idol Season 7. It was a very interesting experience and I met a lot of really interesting people.

I also worked on the round one auditions that were held in August. It was really cool and sometimes disturbing to see the different people (thousands) that came to the Georgia Dome to throw caution to the wind for a chance on American Idol. Then when I was called back to assist with the second round auditions, I got to see what can happen when someone is encouraged to follow their dream. I also got to see that the whole process of auditioning for American Idol takes commitment and guts, whether you can really sing or not.

I learned a whole lot on the set of American Idol Season 7 and although we typically work long hours, it’s a great experience. In addition to my work as a public relations consultant, I also work as a production assistant and eventually want to produce films. Right now my film experience is on the job training. The life of a PA is a humbling and growing experience that is not for everyone. Watching reality shows is addictive and I think working on them can be equally addictive because there is an element of realness to them. It’s interesting to see real people transformed from everyday joes (who tend to be really attractive), to reality stars who become almost immediately untouchable. I am going to look into working on some more reality shows and share my adventures as a PA with you.

If you or anyone you know is interested in being on a reality show and would like tips on how to really stand out, check out this blog
The blog is written by a lady that I worked with on American Idol and she has worked on reality shows and in casting for a few years. She has a lot of insight about reality shows and what casting directors want.