Well…last week I participated in the Atlantis Music Conference held yearly in Atlanta. I had the opportunity to attend some very informative panels/seminars. One of which was about how to market an artist via the internet. It was very informative, however I was deeply disturbed at the audience make up.

Now the Atlantis Music Conference is one that caters to independent artists in the rock and hip hop arenas mostly so the people attending the event are usually a mix of independent hip hop artists and their camps and indie rock bands and their people. Well in this particular panel, which was very informative, the audience was made up mostly of rock and roll bands. When I glanced around the room, I saw maybe 8 black people and only four or five of them were hip hop artists. It was disappointing to say the least. I hope that more hip hop and r&b; artists take the time to learn about the power of the internet and how the web can advance their career.

Other than that the event was pretty good. An artist that is a part of the Renea Solomon Group family, Tigah performed at the Saturday night showcase held at Sugar Hill. He did an excellent job and his message was definitely received by those in the audience that night. Check out his website for more information about Tigah, Solomon Sheppard Music and the Truth Music Movement.