I just finished watching the Charm School Reunion on VH1. In case you don’t watch that type of television, let me give you some background info.

Flavor of Love was a VERY popular VH1 show based on 80’s hip hop icon Flavor Flav finding a special woman to spend his time with. Now Flav is known to be a bit of a charmer and that is evidenced by the many children he has by many different women. Well after his popular run on the Vh1 show, The Surreal Life, where he had a very public relationship with another 80’s star, Brigitte Nielsen, the network decided to capitalize on their popularity and created a show centered around them called Strange Love. Well during the filming of that show, the couple ended things because of their intense jealously and constant arguing. I suppose VH1 saw that Flav was so well-received that they decided to create a Bachelor style show with Flav as the lonely bachelor seeking companionship.

Now because Flav is who he is, it was pretty much guaranteed that he was not going to attract the model type of women that The Bachelor attracted. He did however manage to attract strippers, porn stars and other very extreme type of women. The women alone on the show were interesting to watch, however what was more interesting (disturbing) to watch was Flav’s interaction with these women. He took full advantage of having a bevy of twenty-somethings all competing for his (and the camera’s) attention by groping, feeling, touching and open mouth kissing these women any chance he got. It was often quite stomach turning to watch him shove his tongue down these women’s throats on a regular basis. I’m not opposed to seeing people enjoy each other’s company but I don’t want to see anyone almost licking someone else’s face and calling it a kiss. Eww..

Ok, I digress. Well after the first season of Flavor of Love, Flav was left alone so VH1 decided to have a second season of the show. Comedian Monique and her production company was apparently watching the two seasons of Flavor of Love in total disgust. She decided to create a show called Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School and invite some of the Flavor of Love contestants to attend her charm school and come out more self respecting women. The grand prize was $50,000. Well the winner Saaphyri was really deserving and she looked great on the reunion show. What spurred me to write this blog was something that happened between Larissa and Monique.

…stepping onto my soapbox…

Larissa was a very outspoken and volatile person on all of the shows. She was expelled in Episode 7 because she tried to win at any cost, even attempting to throw her friend under the bus for something that they both did. Well she came on the reunion show and was very angry and disrespectful toward Monique and her “friend” Shay. What upset me was that her mother was there but she didn’t seem to be stepping up to the plate to be a mother to Larissa. Monique got so upset at Larissa that she approached her in an almost threatening way and Larissa’s mother was quick to get in Monique’s face but she had nothing to say about the way Larissa was acting.

I was amazed. Why is it that someone outside of her family is trying so hard to bring out the best in Larissa? Why wasn’t her mother doing that? Why did her mother allow her to be on national television making a fool out of herself and being the stereotypical “angry, ghetto” black women that she was portraying herself to be? I am hoping that Larissa’s mother is going to step up her game and push her to be more of a lady and not take to manipulation and disrespect to get her point across. I also hope that what we saw on the show was only half the story and that Larissa’s mom is really a much stronger woman and is working to push Larissa to be the best woman she can become. Watching that interaction just made me super glad that my mom was such a great role model for me growing up. She showed me how to work on being the best woman I can be through her triumphs and through her mistakes. I wish that more women could have that influence from a woman in their life.

…stepping down from my soapbox…