Thursday night I went to the Innovative Creators Trunk Show hosted by Icon Style. It was a trunk show suite featuring clothing and accessories by Dareales, Layla K Designs, Madame DuJour, RMax Clothing and Diva Dezine jewelry, among others. It was an eclectic and interesting mix of people and I enjoyed the networking and the wonderful clothing and accessory designs. I will definitely be visiting their respective websites to add to my collection soon.

I also had the opportunity to finally meet and chat with Ms. Layla K. owner of Layla K. Designs, Madame DuJour, Fuschya Models and The Couture Connoisseur Fashion Network. Whew! She is one busy lady. She is also the writer of a fabulous fashion blog “One Haute Chic”. Check it out, One Haute Chic. She is also the Executive Director of Hautelanta Fashion Week which will be held September 19-23 in Atlanta. Check out the website for Hautelanta Fashion Week.

Stay tuned for more information on my event with will be also happening during Hautelanta Fashion Week called Fashion House. For more information about the organization creating Fashion House, check out the myspace page for Elan Fashion Inc.