Well the time has come. Tomorrow is my last day at my part time day gig at SunTrust. So now I’m going to be flying without a safety net. But things have been going really well since then.

The modeling/talent agency I went to wants to represent me so I can go fully into that situation now. I have garnered two clients that I am currently doing PR consulting for.



Things are going well for the fashion event in September. It’s called Fashion House and we are getting a great response for it already without even having to do much promotion as of yet.

I’m feeling very optimistic about everything. It really feels like this is a great time to make the move that I am making.

I will be detailing my adventures as a full time entrepreneur on here. They should be pretty interesting because my new itinerary also includes doing a lot more traveling. Since I don’t have to take “time off” per say, I can hop in my car and see the sites and the people in other cities. I’m excited!