Last night I attended the first Hood Hard Day held at the Atrium in Stone Mountain, Ga. It was an interesting event and although the concert started about an hour late, once it started it was off and running. I really appreciated the fact that the organizers (DJ Aaries, Isis of Word on the Streetz Magazine) had a stage manager (Kim Ellis of KE Consulting) who kept the show going steadily all night.

I’m not what you would consider a “hood” type of person by any means but there were some good acts that performed last night. One group that stood out was a group from the midwest called Thorobread (I hope I spelled that right) and another female duo called Two Tone (I hope I spelled that right). Although in both groups there was a definite stand out member, both held their own on the stage and kept my attention.

Overall, I would say that the Hood Hard Day concert was put together ok and ran fairly smoothly from my vantage point. I was pleased enough with the event that I spoke to my business partner first thing this morning about working on getting things set up so that our artist, Don Dolla (click his name to check out his myspace page) can perform at the next Hood Hard Day.

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